Saturday, October 11, 2008

Octoberbest at the Yard House

Warning: explicit photos of "the bird". If you are easily offended by friendly flip-offs, please skip this post.

Our friends, Rob and Eric, are visiting from CA. What could be better than celebrating October at the Hofbräuhaus, right? Well when we showed up, the valet parking was packed and there was a two hour waiting period for a seat (we had called to make a reservation and the response was, "We don't take reservation but we'll accomodate you." Uh...your website says space is limited and call to book a reservation. What-ever. I guess we're not participating in the stein holding contest tonight. Four freakin' years I've worked a block away and have never been...and probably never will. Pooh on that place; I'm over the novelty of that place. My attitude towards the Hofbräuhaus is demonstrated in this photo, LOL. My Angry Little Asian Girl shirt and I rarely get angry about anything.

We hopped back in the car and drove to the Yard House at the trusty Town Square. We grabbed drinks at the bar and a Black Velvet for me and before we knew it, our table was ready.

Everyone was happy and mysteriously, the Octoberfest beer kept coming...could've been the magic from Disney (where Rob works) and of course I started to act silly the minute alcohol started flowing through my veins. We stole some of the sliders of of Eric's plate before the rest of our meal came.

I got the Ahi Tuna Poke Stack, the Opa for Johnny, Mac and Cheese for Rob and Parmesan Crusted Chicken for Eric (with a touch of rosemary garland from Rob).

Dinner was absolutely delicious, our server and the service was excellent. We had so much fun, we were like "Wha...?? What's the Hofbräuhaus?"

Afterwards, we stopped by the Sketchers store to pick up a pair of shoes for my husband and I discovered...unlimited gumballs!!! So of course, I went a little crazy eating some and made earrings with the rest.

The next morning, we found Eric where we had left him--on the couch, LOL. I guess he had too much Octoberfest beer.

Photos from Yard House with Rob and Eric on Flickr.


Annejelynn said...

yer a naughty lil' girl!

Daly said...

nearly 2 1/2 years and we still act like giddy newlyweds. Speaking of which, isn't today your anniversary?! In that case, HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.