Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Milk?

Day after day, week after week Elgy sits patiently beside my husband as he eats his cereal for breakfast. She looks up at John, her green round eyes closed half-way, either trying to sweet talk him with them or hypnotize him into giving her the leftover milk in his cereal bowl. Her perseverance never wains from one morning to the next morning...she's always there when he sits down with his bowl of cereal.
My husband tells me when he finally gives her what she wants, it's "their little secret" meaning our other cat, Havi, is not aware of this favoritism. Because Havi eats anything and everything, devouring all before Elgy gets a chance to taste and enjoy it (Elgy doesn't like much anyway; only dry/wet food, cheddar cheese and milk.), this exclusive ritual is something both John and Elgy indulge in every morning as I get ready for work.
(I hope John forgives me for posting photos of him in his underwear, LOL, and showing the cycling tan that makes him look like he's wearing thigh high stockings. I know he has a sense of humor and hopefully will find the true subject of my post amusing however remote.)


Rose DesRochers said...

John, it looks like shorts. You are safe. lol Your cat is cute Daly.

Daly said...

That's what I thought, Rose. Havi says thank you. :)