Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Enter the Mesquite

I must have been in denial for the past week because people kept telling me summer has passed and we're in the fall season now. Uh no, no, no--summer ends when I say it ends (or so I'd like to believe. Heh, heh). Well in Vegas, summer can feel like it's definitely gone with the start of November; who cares what the Gregorian calendar says (right?).

This summer sure left its mark though; especially on our Mondell Pine that we had purchased in a pot for our Christmas tree last year. We planted it in the front yard after the holidays but sadly, it did not survive the scorching, desert heat. Do you think some 70 SPF sunscreen would've helped?

I woke up from a nap on Monday to see it in the trash can (I was so sad but knew it was done).
My husband was digging a hole for its replacement, a mesquite tree.

I guess we need some elevation to our rather flat landscape.

I sat on a rock drinking red wine and took this panorama. No tripod!! The stitching software did the trick.

The tree looks great and John did a fantastic job. I think we can use another mesquite in the

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