Sunday, October 05, 2008

Black and White

Now that the boat is gone, we have no need for a tow vehicle so we got rid of our Chevy Silverado truck. We now have an Audi A3 as of last Thursday so there's a white and black car in the family.

I had mentioned in a previous post that my husband goes through cars (and boats...and rode bikes) like the seasons changing. In the seven years that we've known each other, he went through 11 vehicles (not counting the lemon Durango) and a motorcyle.

Don't ask me how I let him convince me with this latest purchase, LOL, but I am making him stay in this one for two years at the very least. We'll see how well he stands the test of time with that track record of his.

I must admit, a 2.0 Turbo would make a very nice daily driver (though it only has 30 more horse power than my VW Rabbit). I especially like that the Audi is a 6-speed manual and, in this car, I can totally see myself relapsing back to my Speed Racer driving days...LOL. I'll have to drive it to work and see how I like it .


Mark said...

Yes, that is a nice looking A3.

And of course so much more "green" than that big truck too !

We have a Jetta and like the Audi/VW fit and finish they have.

Great choice...

Daly said...

Thanks, Mark. He loves it very much; everything about it so I'm happy he's happy.

g said...

a3 look wonderful.
also me,wanted buy one,but 2,0 is too expensive in here :(

Daly said...

thank you, g. that is too bad the a3 is overpriced where you are. what is popular over there?