Sunday, October 05, 2008

Art in the Park and Le Golosita

Early Saturday morning I drove to Maggie's house (my mom-in-law) in Boulder City. We got together to streak our lovely locks but before we did that, she cooked up breakfast. Spiced peaches, Italian sausages and roasted peppers in eggs...yum-yum! I washed everything down with hot coffee and got to work on her hair.

breakfast spiced peaches
When we had successfully achieved what Maggie called "skunk stripes" in our hair that would give my hair stylist heartburn to no end, we cleaned up (my stylist has the health of my hair in his best interest and would NEVER allow himself to professionally "damage" my hair without the intervention of PCP or a gun held to his head).

John and Maggie invited me to join them at the annual Art in the Park event where 400+ vendors from the surrounding states displayed their works of art for sale. This is one of the largest showcases in the world is what I've learned.

Art in the Park cimg9759.jpg
By the afternoon, we were quite hungry so she and I found a couple of hot, shredded beef sandwiches dripping with BBQ sauce to try (doctored up with hot sauce and black pepper, of course) while John satisfied his sweet tooth with ice cream for lunch. I gobbled my meal in two bites so I didn't get a chance to take a photo of it, LOL.

cimg9764.jpg cimg9761.jpg
Of course I needed something to wash that savory sandwich down so a Michelob Amber Bock was the perfect libation. With my license to walk and drink bracelet on, I drank up to benefit the local hospital.

We meandered around from booth to booth, admiring paintings on metal, made out of leather and even flower petals and leaves. There were also jeweleries, metal and woodwork; all so beautiful, bearing the marks of such talented craftsmanship.

cimg9768.jpg cimg9769.jpg
We needed another whole day to be able to browse every vendor, I think we only made it to less than 100 tents.

Before the sun dwindled, we went back to John and Maggie's home. John took a nap while Maggie and I laid out by the pool reading, drinking rum and Coke while we girl-talked.

I had a wonderful afternoon with my second mom and time seems to always fly by when we're together. In John's words, "You guys can always do each other."...and he meant our hair, LOL.

I went home with some homemade pumpkin strudel muffins and cuttings of pumpkin vines that I have always admired in Maggie's centerpieces and around her home. She said to put in a clear container (to allow light in) with a narrow mouth to hold them up.

At last I could put to use that container I got from the last time we were at the Palm's Pool. I'd like to keep the vines in my cubicle so I can have some life in there and hopefully it can survive my brown thumbs. To that Maggie had said, the difference between a green thumb and brown one is work, LOL. I work...just not on any living thing, lol.


My husband wanted to take me to a restaurant we have never tried before but have heard glowing reviews about, Le Golosita. The Italian Trattoria is also a pizzaria, bakery and kick-ass gellato bar. We started off with the Pomodoro e Mozzarella for an appetizer (it's basically a caprese salad with roasted peppers on top). I had merlot and John picked the Peroni (a very delicious Italian beer).

cimg9796.jpg cimg9802.jpg
Stepping into the restaurant felt like walking in to a part of Italy. There's a huge bar and patio seating which we passed up because the night was too chilly for us to sit outdoor. We sat inside where it was comfortably warm at one granite tables underneath the sky-like ceilings nibbling on the spread of bread basket before dinner.
cimg9805.jpg cimg9806.jpg
My husband ordered the clam and linguine with white sauce and I had the shrimp diavolo linguine. The restaurant and service was fabulous and the food was even better; we'll definitely go back there.

At home, I thought I would try a few of my hair pieces to give me instant long hair...something I have been vacillating between. Grow my hair long or keep it short? Oh well, if that's the only decision I have left to make today, I am A-okay.


jessie said...


I didn't expect you be be this beautiful and sexy. My, your pics are great!

I love the peaches in your post. It's one of my "maintenance food items". :-)

jessie said...

Oh, btw the link of my first comment is the link to my tech blog.

Daly said...

Thanks, Jessie, for all the compliments.

You must post about this "maintenance food item". I am interested in learning more.

I did get the Angel sunglasses...but sadly they don't fit but I'm going to see if they have something else for me to try. I appreciate the referral.

jessie said...


Oh that's too bad. At any rate, I think you'll be able to find one that will fit right (considering the line of products they have on the site). On the other hand, try to see if you can return the item and exchange it with another one.