Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Vegas Wedding

We were at the Revere Golf Club overlooking the city of Las Vegas to witness our two friends tie the knot this evening. The weather couldn't be more perfect as we gathered inside the lounge area before the ceremony.

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Then friends and family were shuttled by golf carts to the greens where the ceremony would be held.

The wedding party filed in after the groom and we waited in anticipation of the bride's entrance. Suddenly from atop the green hills she emerged with her father on her arm.

She was absolutely stunning with a beautiful dress to match as she walked by.

Bride and groom joined hands and we listened to the minister's program. Cotton Tail rabbits and quails came nearby to bear witness.

They performed something in the ceremony that I had never seen before. A pouring of sand into a container. The groom had one color of sand that he poured and the bride had another color that she poured after him. Then they poured together as the minister turned the container. The result was beautiful striations of sand and the container looked like this.

As the sun started setting over the horizon, the lights of the city twinkled in the distant view and the casinos on the Strip emerged. Right before our eyes, these two could not have been more right and perfect for each other. After sealing their vows with a kiss, they walked off into the hills.

We walked back towards the club house so we can enjoy the view and cooler evening.

It was time for some cocktails back at the lounge. Dirty martini for me and Hefeweizen for John.

Then we sat down for dinner. The people at our table were all really nice.

I was roommates with the groom during my college days. My husband and I became good friends with the bride and groom over the years. The couple came to our wedding a couple years ago and guess who caught the garter and bouquet? The person who is now the groom...LOL.

John and I danced the night away before we parted. It was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous wedding of two of the sweetest people. We had so much fun and were thankful to be able to share this special day with our friends.

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Annejelynn said...

we had a sand ceremony too!

Daly said...

I think that's a great idea! Then you have something to display/remember the special day by.