Monday, September 29, 2008

Toast to Summer

All we wanted to do Sunday was relax by the pool and think about nothing. So that we did as we tried to squeeze the last bit out of summer which seemed to have flown by this year. In a few days, we will be in October...Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will soon be here.

CIMG9664 CIMG9662
The mojitos are always good and I decided to have an apple martini as well.

CIMG9706 CIMG9679
We cooled off in the pool. I like it because it's only 4 feet deep.
The mai tais are always delicious and a perfect ending to a nice weekend.


Kristen said...

So I would of loved to have hung out at the pool with you guys, except Ryan didn't mention the invite until 6 pm! Didn't want you thinking we stood you up!

Daly said...

Thanks, Kristen. I wasn't sure what happened but I didn't want to try peer pressuring you Hopefully you guys can make it out again before the end of of summer.

How did the painting go?

corrin said...

OH MY your husband wearing an official hat???

Daly said...

@ Corrin: LOL, yes...he has two hats, a red and white one.

Anonymous said...

It is impressive how comfortable you are in such skimpy swimwear. I wish my wife would be that way...I would love for her to wear the things that you wear in public.

Daly said...

@Anonymous: I wasn't always comfortable in a g-string and had worn very conservative suits because I was so self conscious.

My husband got me into skimpier suits including Malibu Strings (the ones pictured) with words of encouragement and little by little I started to wear them outside of the house. At our pool, Rehab at the Hard Rock, out on the boat with our friends and soon I didn't care that I had stretch marks or my thighs had dimples when my weight fluctuated.

Now I would never wear anything larger but an occasional triangle back. It also helps to wear a suit that is flattering. Many out there are lined or scrunch up in the wrong places and you have to buy the same size tops as bottoms (most women aren't built that way). We need a large bottom, small top or vice versa. That's why I like Malibu Strings. They are made well, are flattering, and I can mix and match the size and style of the tops and bottoms.

Be vocal with your encouragements (you would love to see her in public in a skimpier suit because you think she is sexy and no need to hide that fact). I bet she'd love for you to pick her out some suits! If you order from, use the discount code LASVEGAS20 at checkout for 20% off your order. I can recommend sizes and fits if you e-mail me her height and body type (or just look at any of the contributors to see what style and size they wear). I am positive she will be rockin' the strings soon.

Make the best of life and the body we are given to live in. Love and take care of each other most important ourself!