Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I must fess up, I've been flaky with my gym routine since the start of September. Of course, that was the last time I posted because I've been busy and avoiding the fact that I've been a slacker. Even though my clothes don't pressure me to shed the extra pounds I've gained since reaching my goal, I can see and feel soft spots and I don't like it. (My body gains weight proportionately so it's easy to not notice weight gain using my clothes as a gauge just as it is hard to tell I've lost weight. So I go off by sight and feel for loss of tone.)

What can I say? Life gets in the way and I'm still trying to adjust to my schedule at work. I use to able to get so sweaty doing cardio and look somewhat decent afterwards before going back to my hole-in-the-wall office. Besides sharing that space with my supervisor, I may not see another soul that afternoon. Now I have meetings in the mornings or the afternoons and whether I do or do not have a scent after working out, I still feel a little uncomfortable sitting in such close quarters.

This weekend, my left calve felt like I was in a hopscotch marathon! It was so tight, it hurt to take a full stride so I limped here and there. I suspect the cause was from my driving style lately, pushing the clutch of my car with my toes instead of my entire foot. Despite the lingering uncomfortableness that I felt today, I made myself leave the office for the gym.

I had a good forty-minute spin session on the stationary bike and that felt good! Today, I didn't care that my hair was a little matted from sweating and my body stuck to my clothing for a little bit afterwards. I needed to burn off all the drinking I did this past weekend...LOL!!

I can already tell this weekend will have some challenges I'll need to overcome if I am to get back on my regular workout routine but something more than I've done the past few weeks is better than what I've done the past few weeks up until now. Maybe I'll have to visit the gym twice a day so I can kick back into gear...

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