Monday, September 01, 2008

Project Entry Way

A little birdie told me our entry area looked like it's unfinished; as if we did all this painting around the house and then stopped before we got to one of the most significant places in our home. Birdie's right. Every wall in our house is painted except for the entry and hallways. The first place people see when they walk is just downright stark. Bland in comparison to the adjacent walls.

Since the weather sabotaged our plans to be on the lake for Labor Day weekend, I didn't want this long break to go to waste. Soon my husband and I were off to the home improvement store.

I didn't have a color in mind, just our shared vision. A dramatic, secluded entry that is dark and moody. I picked out a couple swatches and ordered a gallon of each color, Stone Gray and Star Anise.

Once at home, my husband patched little holes left by the valances above the blinds and masked the area around the bare walls (Havi loves to help).

On the other hand, Elgy, was more into observing than helping.

She can barely climb the second rung of our ladder. I'm not sure how she got nearly to the top but once she was queen of the mountain, she was not letting Havi knock her down from glory.

Painting this time around was a lot of work than when I did the kitchen. I was getting sloppy and nearly gave up when my husband jumped in to help me. He had already built a custom rack for my scooter, washed and detailed my car (and filled up the empty gas tank) but seeing that I was struggling with the second coat of paint, joined in on the effort (you see, painting was not his idea of a fun weekend).

Finally we were done with Phase 1: painting. I think we'll have to hire someone to paint the

(The entry way to our bedroom.)

The next step is lighting and the last...well--it will be a surprise.


TomboCheck said...

wedding pictures on one side, boat pictures on the other.


And the paint looks good too. :)

Daly said...

Thank you, tombocheck. Since you pointed our photos out, I'm realizing why I don't have photos of our cats all over the place!