Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Pond at Green Valley Resort & Casino

Sundays are normally our lake days but with a buyer for our boat on his way from Tennessee, we weren't taking any chances on ruining the buffed beauty sleeping the garage by taking it out for one final run.

We decided to check out a Euro-style pool closer to home at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino called, The Pond. The attraction to this adult pool for me is not that I have the freedom to take my bikini top off (I wouldn't anyway; my MS tops are too cute to discard), it is so I don't have to worry about exposing underage children to such skimpy g-strings and can spare visitors who've never seen such a thing from involuntary exposure. It's not like they're on Lake Havasu, where thongs and g-strings are the norm.
CIMG9244 CIMG9253

I like the Pond for many reasons and I'll tell you why. When we walked in there was no cover charge (I think it's ridiculous that the pools charge a cover, especially for locals. After all, we are there instead of taking our boat out to spend money on having the convenience of drinks and food served to us). Secondly, there was well-stocked Hookah bar (though we don't smoke). None of the chairs were reserved so we were seated without delay. The chairs are cushy ones with rolls of towels already placed on them, not the plastic patio chairs you'd find at say...I don't know...the Hard Rock Pool and then we'd have to pick up towels from the front counter as if we were at a community center pool (that's fine but not for a pool that's suppose to have some exclusivity). I'm not a pool snob so not having these things wouldn't necessarily hinder me from having fun were nice touches and appreciated.
CIMG9263 CIMG9260

The thing I liked the most was the vibe I felt. It genuinely was a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Good music, good service, excellent drinks (fresh Mojitos, Tokyo Tea, Blue Fin Mai Tai and even the Bud Light with lime are all good choices). The Grilled Mahi sandwich was delicious but the Shrimp and Crab Ceviche left something to be desired (cocktail sauce was overwhelming).
CIMG9267 CIMG9268

The day was perfect; not too hot and a little breeze came through the palm trees surrounding the sheltered pool. We struck conversations with some of the people there and just enjoyed our quiet time together.

Since tomorrow was our friend Kristen's birthday, we cleaned up to meet them for dinner at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant.
A round of margaritas for us...then Ryan and Kristen arrived shortly after we did.
Freshly tossed shrimp salad...YUM. I hate the WHOLE thing.

Then it was time to go home and spend time with our kitties and prepare for the work week.


TomboCheck said...

don't have to worry about exposing underage children to such skimpy g-strings

You are breaking young boy's hearts everywhere with that sentence. :)

Annejelynn said...

LOL - nyce block Elgy! I can see she's not only planted a paw strategically... she'd blocking the view! (interesting that I notice these things and I'm a woman...)

Daly said...

Very funny, tombo. But you understand where I'm coming from. People who vacation in Vegas are from all parts of the world and may not want to be involuntarily exposed to the extent of my nudity (although there are billboards everywhere). It's different when we're on the lakes because it's sort of the norm...at least in Havasu but I'm seeing more and more women where thongs on Lake Mead now...lol.

Annejelynn, nice observation (blushing) and I don't think I can even Photoshop that. Maybe I'll have to put a big star, like a pastie...LOL. She loves to ride on my shoulder.

Sean said...

Nudity is natural and the prudes have had too much authority for too long. You have an incredible body which would be a shame if it were hidden away from sight-- what if Michelangelo's "David" was in a private collection rather than at the Vatican?

Anonymous said...

was it hard to wear thong in some parts of US?

Daly said...

@Sean: thanks for your comment. Hard to believe I wore a "bikini" two sizes too large, it looked like a diaper. I'm so use to wearing Malibu Strings suits, I forget that it's considered "over-exposed" to others who do not share the same view. It doesn't change the person I am though...if anything, I'm happier and more comfortable now than back then. Takes age and some wrinkles for me to be finally be confident, lol.

@Anonymous: I can't speak much for other parts of the U.S. as to whether it's easier or harder to wear a thong. You have to remember we live in Vegas where thongs are not an every day occurrence but more "normal" at the adult pools than other places.

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