Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Dance Tracks that Rock

Music gets me going like a cup of good coffee. I was in need of new tracks for my iPod and did a little digging this morning. Found some I've never hear of and old faves but still goodies. You can listen to them off the music player on the sidebar to the right or click on the links below (after turning off the player or you may have two tracks going at the same time).

Something to start you off shaking that hip a little bit...I'm not a fan of most intros and would love to mix it out. It gets better after 0:58).
Me & U (Spencer & Hill Remix Radio Edit) - Ultra DJs
Strip down to your underwear (or put your undies on) and shake that hair (or head) back and forth because this song, now matter how old, always gets me in the mood to dance like a water on hot oil.
Sandstorm (Radio Edit) - Darude
Hopefully your heart is pumping but your body needs a rest so here's something to bring you down. Can you guess what t.v. show this song is the intro of? (Me neither but I know this song is used for some show...LOL, I just can't put a finger on it.)
Children (Radio Edit) - Robert Miles
Finally something to send you on your way. Hope you have a great day and weekend!
Time (Speakerbox Instrumental Mix) - Speakerbox featuring Michelle Shaprow

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