Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New Love Affair

When I got home, I couldn't resist setting up my tripod again and put to practice what I've learned from photography and Photoshop guru, Tombo. This time I was in the bed of our truck so I can get a higher and clear view of our street. I still haven't figured out how to set my camera's exposure to manual so in the far left of the photo, the clouds that were in the sky were blown out. Then I used a stitching software (Windows Live Photo Gallery also works) since my PS 7.0 doesn't have the automate photomerge tool.

(Click on photos for larger view)
I used the software to stitch yesterday's photo again. It did a much better job of blending the frames together than I did through manual manipulation in Photoshop.
Boy oh boy! This is gonna be a lot of fun. Usually I hate clouds because they can block the sunlight that I feed off of and sometimes bring rain but the evening was so beautiful with the sun's rays shooting through the clouds, displaying different colors. I couldn't help but try to save a piece of this view for myself. I can't wait to take panos of Lake Mead and wherever else I go!


TomboCheck said...

Looking much better. :)

On your camera (Casio EX-S10, right?) go to Menu - Quality Tab - White balance, and select daylight or overcast (whichever looks better). This will keep your colors the same throughout the series of photos.

As far as keeping a constant exposure throughout the whole range you can try changing the Dynamic Range setting. Go to menu - quality tab - dynamic range, and set to +1

Also under the quality tab you can set your metering type to 'multi'

Those few settings should help keep the exposures a little closer together between pictures.

TomboCheck said...

FYI - that link to me leads to nowhere. :)

Daly said...

I am impressed by your knowledge of my camera...LOL!!! Alright, I'll have to play with my settings. Hey, can you recommend another slim point and shoot? This POS (I've always had a Casio and never had problems with them until this one; of course it's the one Sharper Image voided the extra 2-years service warranty I purchased because of their Chapter 11. Darn thing was only three months old when the zoom button got stuck and now the buttons are worn (makes it really difficult to navigate the menu). It's been repaired once already. Well...I do take a lot of photos and must've worn the little bugger out. I'm sorry, I don't mean to rant).

As always, I really appreciate your advice and will try it next time.

Thanks for pointing out the link; I fixed it! :D

TomboCheck said...

We too had problems with a casio Exilim series camera (stuck lens). We eventually made the switch to the canon powershot SD series (also known as Elphs) and they are awesome. They aren't as slim as the casio, but are a little easier to use.

If slim and stylish is more of your MO then a Nikon Coolpix S series would be good. They just came out with the S60 which has a touchscreen for added coolness. :)

Daly said...

Thanks, tombo! Yeah, Casio aren't what they use to be I think.

I'll look into both cameras. I'm willing to sacrifice thinness for quality. It's just that I use my camera so much that it has to be thin and small enough to tuck away.

The two features that are most important for me are shooting in low-light conditions and the burst-mode. I used someones camera last night that was half the price of mine and I loved how it adjusted the exposure for night time. I probably just don't know what I'm doing with my camera.

SD would be nice too...I really don't want to change media cards because everything I have is compatible with mini/compact/SD.

Can't wait to go camera shopping! Thanks again, tombo.