Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lake Mead with Ryan and Kristen

The weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful, sunny and hardly any breeze, which didn't happen on Sundays as often this summer as the years prior. So the justifiable thing to do was to hook up our boat and drive to Callville Bay Marina to launch it.


We're always happy to be on the water.

On Sandy Cove, we found some friends but we had made plans to meet with Ryan and Kristen who were in another cove not far away.

A Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus beer was the perfect drink to cool me off.

I French braided my own hair this morning but it somehow looked flat on my even flatter head. Then the ride out from the dock made it Oh well. It kept the hair off my neck. Kristen, on the other hand always looks cute and she didn't even try.

Then some a-hole on his hot boat came flying through the cove and made a u-turn as fast as a catamaran could in the no-wake zone and left. Ryan and Johnny couldn't believe what they saw (neither did Kristen or I). Not only is it rude to do because the wake disturbs the beached boat, there's a no-wake zone for safety reasons--to slow water crafts down. If someone had been swimming out there, like Kristen because she can swim that far (and did), she could have (the thought is gross) been chopped up. I'm hoping a reader who may know the driver hits him up on the side of the head for me for the lack of good judgment.

I captured the boat flying through the no-wake zone (you can see the two no-wake markers, one near the rooster tail and the other to the right). Notice the other courteous boater is exiting the no-wake zone slowly. We've always said that the boaters we know are all very nice and giving; I'm glad we're not friends with this guy...

Not that we let that minor stuff ruin our day. Ryan and Johnny went for a ride while Kristen and I swam (or at least I tried to).

Here is Kristen swimming way, way out there and I can only see her head peeping above the surface of the water.

Then there's me within a stroke away from the shallow shoreline (I really am getting better at swimming; just need more practice). After a while, sitting in the water became my idea of "having fun" in the water.


We hung around the cove for a bit before heading to Wishing Well/Pirate's Cove.

In this area, it's easiest to tie up so the boat doesn't drift as easily.

Because the water is so deep, you have to jump in and swim or sit on a flotation device for near effortless swimming.

When the sun's rays started to wane, it was our queue to get off the lake.


But not before one last run on the great, wide Virgin Basin first!


Photos from Lake Mead (September 7, 2008) album on Flickr.

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