Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kristen Time

When my friend contacted me to see if I wanted to have lunch with her. Of course, I didn't hesitate to say SURE! She's a pharmacist and when she had work hours all over the chalkboard and I was a working full-time student, our schedules rarely were in sync. That meant we didn't get see each very much. Now she works for an independent pharmacy and has regular day hours so that's good news for her sweetheart and me.

I also needed to go shopping for something to wear to a friend's wedding later this evening so Kristen and I went to a restaurant near the mall. We both love Thai food for Bangkok 9 was an easy choice.

The restaurant offered something new, flavored sakes so I tried the lychee sake while Kristen went with the raspberry sake. They were good and tasted like the Smirnoff flavored vodkas but not as strong.

I had never ordered the sweet & sour chicken wings recommended by Kristen. They were tasty and finger-licking good!

She loves yellow curry so that was a must order from the menu.

I picked a usual favorite, Spicy Noodles. It has chicken, shrimp and squid (which Kristen so bravely tasted and said it tasted like fishy gristle...LOL!! I had never thought of it that way but could see what she meant.)

Properly fed, we were ready to shop and shop we did...until we were thirsty so we stopped at Chevy's for a drink. Kristen picked something a little more exotic than my old fashioned margarita on the rocks in a grande glass. Both were yummy and quenched our thirst.

Now it was time to go home and get ready for a wedding!

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