Sunday, September 14, 2008

Food Photos on Stationary

I share one my passions by posting photos of food almost every week. I love taking pictures of meals that I've made or tasted. I guess because the dish in itself is like art, temporary as it is before being consumed. When I look back at the images, they remind me where I was and the company I was in when I enjoyed that meal.

What's even better than my food photos are the stationaries on this Etsy store by Blue Egg Photography. Now I'll be able to share my passion when I write thank you letters and notes on these culinary notecards to foodie friends and family. Canvases of the Blue Egg photos are also available which would be great on the bare walls of my kitchen. The Pink Flowers or Plates and Peas...they're all so creative and beautifully done!


corrin said...

Thanks, Daly!

Daly said...

You're most welcome! And thank YOU for thinking of me.