Friday, September 05, 2008

Even bums need companionship

Dinner, originally uploaded by ShhPeKo.

What's sadder to see than a homeless bum is a homeless kitty. I know everyone needs companionship but why couldn't he fashion himself a Wilson instead?! But, alas, the kitty must love him because it is staying with him.


TomboCheck said...

I don't know. Sure they don't get fed as much or as well, but most homeless people with pets that I have run into have a much deeper relationship with their animals. They spend literally ALL day with their pet, and often that is the only other soul who they feel they can really trust.

That can create a bond that goes deeper than the relationship of convenience that most of us have with our animals.

Daly said...

Good points, tombocheck. Thank you for sharing. I am sure the kitty is very much loved and loves its friend the same.

I feel so bad for stray, unwanted, or homeless animals. I wish I could take this kitty (or all of them from the pound)!