Friday, September 19, 2008

Beaver Dam and Rainbow Orchard

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year. I love the warm sun on my skin and it seems so much more goes on during this season. Parties, outdoor concerts and movies, and I can be warm all of the time without carrying a jacket for chilly nights. If Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween were in July, I'd be as happy as butter on bread!

This year, I'm actually looking forward to the fall season. There's something about the leaves turning a myriad of colors and the ripe, fresh fruit available from which to make peach cobbler or better yet--warm apple pie. So this past Sunday, our family took a trip to Beaver Dam and went apple picking (sorry, I'm just getting around to posting about it).

We were excited to start our early morning drive to our favorite restaurant on the US-93, Windmill Ridge, but it was disappointingly closed. I was looking forward to a big, tasty breakfast that did not find a place in my tummy that day.

Oh well, this gives us a place to try some place new so we drove towards our next stop, Caliente, to the Knotty Pine Restaurant & Saloon. Cute name but not a cute place--especially for anything that was going in my mouth. I have weird tastes and have eaten in places that Andrew Zimmern would think twice about but this place made me lose my appetite after visiting the restroom to wash my hands (and I wasn't the only one who felt that way about eating there). The look I unconsciously had on my face sealed the deal and we left before we had a sip of coffee.

So we drove to the Chevron nearby for some packaged pastries and coffee. I found myself this Super Giga piece of beef jerky!! It was also the biggest piece of the nastiest jerky I've ever tasted...LOL...BUT the novelty of having it was worth it. Sigh...I've struck out on good food so far. Luckily my coffee was good and so was the Hostess package of donut I ate with it.

Soon we were driving past rabbit brush into the state park of Beaver Dam, one of the beautiful attractions of Caliente.

We took a couple of trails. The scenery is so beautiful; I'm getting closer and closer to getting a big camera for these trips because my point and shoot doesn't do the beauty of this park justice.

We stopped to have lunch underneath the shade of a juniper tree (the berries are used to flavor gin). Havarti cheese with spicy mustard and assorted salamis between a crusty bread and a side of grapes and homemade BROWNIES!!! Now there's a lunch I can sink my teeth in to!! Some rocks found their way into my pockets begging for a ride in my rock tumbler machine.

Soon we were on our way to Kershaw-Ryan State Park, one of the first three state parks in NV established in 1935. The wild grape vines that proliferated the place was amazing and exists because of this well watered oasis.

The Kershaw-Ryan is very small but is a popular place for group gatherings, weddings and reunions. There's a spring fed swimming pool, volleyball court, horse shoe game area with manicured lawns in between. A truly beautiful place to rest and relax.

Through Rainbow Canyon we drove, stopping to look at some crawdads in a pond. There had been a massive flood several years ago and part of the road is washed away. We learned that they will be closing the road that leads to the historic single-room Elgin Schoolhouse (I'll have to dig up photos from a previous trip).

The same road also leads to the Rainbow Apple Orchard where we stopped to pick up a bucket and find our own apples. The folks there are really nice and they have a pet rooster (that they literally pet!) who hovers around.

Pet or not, that rooster can get aggressive if it saw...say an apple in my hand (holding my camera at the same time) and came right towards my face. My husband diverted him with crumbs of bread from lunch, LOL.

The awesome thing about is this apple orchard organic so we can taste the apples right off the tree and boy were they juicy and sweet (I prefer the tarts ones). Perfect for apple pie and apple sauce.

We had a great trip and I'm hoping we'll be able to go apple picking again when the fall season comes.

Photos from the Beaver Dam and Apple Orchard album on Flickr.


TomboCheck said...

Looks like a good time, and good produce. Wish we had something like that around these parts. :)

Daly said...

Aye...who needs an orchard when you can go the grocery store and pick up apples and pear cider at the same time? ;P

You're back from Mexico! Can't wait to see the pics.

TomboCheck said...

There is something about working for the food that makes it a little more worthwhile. :)

Didn't take a ton of pics in mexico. Hopefully a few of them turned out okay though. :)

O and thanks for the link on your other post. :)