Monday, September 29, 2008

Toast to Summer

All we wanted to do Sunday was relax by the pool and think about nothing. So that we did as we tried to squeeze the last bit out of summer which seemed to have flown by this year. In a few days, we will be in October...Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will soon be here.

CIMG9664 CIMG9662
The mojitos are always good and I decided to have an apple martini as well.

CIMG9706 CIMG9679
We cooled off in the pool. I like it because it's only 4 feet deep.
The mai tais are always delicious and a perfect ending to a nice weekend.

Manic Mondays

My sister, Bea, lovingly refers to me as Garfield and she's not far far from the truth...LOL. Then my friend Shaida MySpaced me this image. She must've known exactly how I was feeling.

It wasn't like my day was bad at all. My friend Dolly picked me up in her new car today and treated me to lunch at our favorite place, Sushi Boy Desu. Things were pretty mellow at the office but by the end of the day, I had a gnarly headache (and I rarely get the kind that hurts so bad I couldn't think). I guess that was a glaring reminder to me that it's Monday...LOL. But hey, tomorrow is Tuesday :) Hope you had a nice weekend.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Sky

The clouds hover around as I drive towards Boulder City this morning. I hope it clears up because we're planning on going to the pool again today. Weather forecast is 98 degrees today. Nice!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

WurstFest 2008

All week we were looking forward to Boulder City's annual WurstFest 2008. My husband and I met his parents, John and Maggie, at the Bicentennial Park. The beer booth seemed like a logical place (besides beer on tap, they also serve soft drinks and margaritas).

Then we went to bet some brats to wash down with our beer. We had our choice of brats, sausages or hot dogs (but the brats are a requirement to have at WurstFest). I loaded in with sauerkraut, grilled peppers, onions, ketchup and mustard. I know I've committed the worst crime ever to a brat but all my guilt went out the window with the first bite...and each bite thereafter. YUM!!

The girls serving the buns and "Brat Boys", Bob, Rob and Bobby were all kind enough to let me take photos of them working.

We grabbed another round of drinks before wandering to the concert in the park. There was also wine tasting for $15 all-you-can-drink but a generous $3 glass was enough for me.

During the day, starting at 11 a.m. there's a classic car show, a silent and live auction to benefit community activity. This fundraiser hosted by the Boulder City Sunrise Rotary club is held every year. With $3 beer/$4 margarita, $3 brat/sausages/or hot dogs and $3 wine by the glass...I don't know how they make a profit but we are always happy to support the little town by the dam.

The stage for the band, Johnny Rocker, was set up on the street. People everywhere are dancing, heads bobbing on lawn chairs and blankets on the grass in the surrounding park. Kids with glow sticks jammed to the music forming congo lines. This is truly a family event we enjoyed watching and listening to the band.

The band played one of my favorite songs by Jimmy Buffet, It's Five O'clock Somewhere and yes it always is!

We stayed a while, enjoying the music filling the warm night air before we made our way home to rest. I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

Photos from the WurstFest 2008 album on Flickr.

New Dance Tracks that Rock

Music gets me going like a cup of good coffee. I was in need of new tracks for my iPod and did a little digging this morning. Found some I've never hear of and old faves but still goodies. You can listen to them off the music player on the sidebar to the right or click on the links below (after turning off the player or you may have two tracks going at the same time).

Something to start you off shaking that hip a little bit...I'm not a fan of most intros and would love to mix it out. It gets better after 0:58).
Me & U (Spencer & Hill Remix Radio Edit) - Ultra DJs
Strip down to your underwear (or put your undies on) and shake that hair (or head) back and forth because this song, now matter how old, always gets me in the mood to dance like a water on hot oil.
Sandstorm (Radio Edit) - Darude
Hopefully your heart is pumping but your body needs a rest so here's something to bring you down. Can you guess what t.v. show this song is the intro of? (Me neither but I know this song is used for some show...LOL, I just can't put a finger on it.)
Children (Radio Edit) - Robert Miles
Finally something to send you on your way. Hope you have a great day and weekend!
Time (Speakerbox Instrumental Mix) - Speakerbox featuring Michelle Shaprow


...are one of my favorite things.

Asiatic Lillies came home from the market with my husband. He knows how much I like to have flowers to gaze at in the kitchen, put by my nightstand and in the bathrooms. The scent they give off linger in my dreams...

I'm loving fiery orange more and more. Maybe because they remind me of turning leaves, pumpkins and sunsets. Or is it the warm summer sun...?

Some of the buds broke off so I put them in a little bud vase. They surprised me by blooming the next morning.

I love having flowers through the fall and winter because they remind me of the new life in spring and summer.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Music that Brings Back Memories

roberts miles children
darude sandstorm

(LOL...I must've done this post in my sleep or something)

Now playing: Robert Miles - Children (Radio Edit) and Darude - Sandstorm (Radio Edit)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

I arrived home from work just in time on Monday to catch my husband who was leaving with the buyer of our boat for a test run on Lake Mead. Timmy and his dad had made a trip out of their drive from Tennessee got in to town with perfect timing. We drove separately to Hemingway Harbor and launched the boat we had named, Turnin' Tricks, in to Lake Mead.

Only John and the buyer, Timmy, was on board while his father and I stayed behind at the dock.

Minutes later, the boys came in and like my friend Kristen said, as soon as the buyer feels the wind peeling back his eyelids at 100+mph, he'll be sold on it and sold he was (Timmy was already set on buying the boat a couple weekends; it was just a matter of time before he could make the drive and we needed to familiarize him with the boat).

We wiped off the boat one last time, getting just a little choked up (I had literally cried when we sold our last boat, the Lightning 23XS, to which I was more attached. We had plenty of lake time in this boat but there was nearly as much work involved in maintaining it that we were not accustomed to with our two previous boats. I am just glad Trick will have a good home and become Timmy's new pride and joy. You know what they say about the two happiest days in a boater's life, the day of the purchase and the day of the sale.)

After hugs, we congratulated Timmy on his toy and with the boat on the trailer hitched to his truck, Timmy and his dad took off into the night. As we parted ways, the powerboat with Timmy went east across Hoover Dam and we headed west towards our home, it was slightly eerie to see it hitched up to someone else's truck and gone--quite possibly the last time we'll ever see it.

But I think all parties were thrilled.

Then we did what we naturally have done when getting off the lake, go to dinner at one of our favorite places, The Oyster Bar. This time we had more to celebrate and toast to.

Tired of getting my fingers dirty, I passed up my favorite dish, the Louisiana-style hot shrimp in shells for the bouillabaisse and John ordered the gumbo.

There are no plans in our near future to get another boat and the garage may be empty but we'll just fill our time laying by the pool and begin shopping for a second home.