Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stationary Bike Fever

I drove all the way to work so I can get on the stationary bike (I think it is becoming an addiction). After over an hour, I did not want to get off but my pelvic bone was still sore (can I get a softer seat please?) and I definitely had other items on my agenda. So after an hour and a half, I decided to stop and log my time.

8/2/08 - Stationary Bike
1:30:20 total time in Zone 3 (126-144 bpm) for 20 min. then Zone 4 (144-162 bpm) for remaining time
1:17:04 in zone
148 average heart rate
169 peak heart rate
1089 total calories
153/123 recovering heart rate

I really wonder how far in miles I would have ridden if I had been on the road. It's too bad the stationary bike has no speed or mile meters.


corrin said...

I've been riding the stationary bike, too, and I'm surprised by the number of calories it burned. I thought for sure it was wrong, but you're coming up with the same rate I did!

Daly said...

It's an excellent way to burn some calories and get a good sweat going! It's kind of addicting, does that happen to you too? My husband loves cycling and it's the primary reason why he's lost a lot of his weight.

What I love about a stationary bike as opposed to a road bike is I don't have to balance, I can zone out and don't have to watch where I'm going, I can watch t.v. or listen to my music as loud as I want (on the road, headphones can compromise your safety), I can get off the bike when I want (so I don't have to ride back), and I don't have to balance or steer because I'm such a klutz.

I did order some cycling shorts for my comfort so I'll report on how it works out on the stationary bike.

Keep it up, Corrin! I'm thrilled to know there's someone out there who enjoys the stationary bike like I do.