Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sandy Cove on Lake Mead

Rob and Eric came out to the lake with us on Sunday.

We were glad to have them and introduce them to our friends who were already on Sandy Cove.

The day was really breezy which makes the water rough and full of huge swells so not too many people were out there today.

That didn't matter. We were already in the company of friends whom we always have fun with no matter what we do.

Keith and Katie were there with Jello shots made with different flavored liqueurs.

Our friends, Wes and Juliana, brought their babies. This is Duke with Johnny.

Seeking shelter from the sun is Baby Girl and there's Duke again on the hot sand...LOL.

If course I had a couple Jello shots.

By late afternoon, it was time for us to get off the lake and head to dinner. We decided on Bangkok 9 for our favorite Thai food.

We had a wonderful weekend with Eric and Rob. Next time we'll have to visit them for a trip to Disneyland again!

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