Thursday, August 07, 2008

Monsoon Season in Las Vegas

Thunderstorm Climatology suggests the “normal season” runs from about July 7 - Sept 11 with peak activity July 15 - August 15 *. This desert does have a "wet" season. When it rains in Las Vegas, it doesn't sprinkle. It pours quickly and forcefully causing flash floods, especially in areas where the drains are plugged by debris.

Earlier this afternoon, I was at work when the thunderstorms started. The monsoon season brings back memories of when I was caught in a hurricane while living in the Philippines. I was so close to being blown off the edge of a steep hill if a stranger hadn't grabbed my outreached arm and pulled me to safety.

The rain pelted the windows of our building and gushed through these drain pipes. Some people love the rain but it makes me feel like a prisoner if I'm trapped outside of my home.
Fortunately the intense rain never lasts very long; it stopped as quickly as it had started and the sky cleared just enough for me to make it to the shelter of my car.

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