Saturday, August 02, 2008

Margaritaville with Friends

Rob and Eric spent the day on the Strip. I had homework from my job to do so I couldn't join them, not even for a little bit because I know I would end up with a ridiculously tall container full of a thirst-quenching drink (like the plastic cowboy boot Rob came home with) and then I would never get anything done.

After running my errands, an hour and a half ride on a stationary bike and some time in front of my laptop, it was time to meet our friends for dinner. The place should not come to you as a surprise...Margaritaville, of course. We like it because it's a fun environment and we can dress casual.

The margaritas are a must; they're very good and do not taste strong (which can be deceiving). For most people, one just will have you dancing in front of the live band playing on the patio tonight.

We had live entertainment at our table too...LOL.

Then the food came and I got caught doing what I love to do...snap photos of my meal.

Something seriously wrong with my cup We shared Jamaican Jerk Wings, a heaping plate of nachos...

And some peel-and-eat shrimp over a second round of margaritas. There was more than plenty for all of us to eat. We left stuffed and happy then went home to watch Grandma's Boy (that movie is hilarious!).

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