Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lake Mead Sunday

Sometimes it's nice to go out for breakfast rather than cooking so we met my husband's parents for breakfast. I ordered Swedish Crepes with ham, sausages and egg over medium. I know I'm one sick girl to put ketchup and Tabasco on my savory sides.

After that we decided to take our boat out on Lake Mead since the day was absolutely beautiful and sunny. The last time we were out on the lake, was when our friends Eric and Rob were visiting on August 3rd.

We decided to launch at Callville Bay Marina because the ramp is closer to Sandy Cove where we like to beach. They have widened the launch ramp to make more lanes but some people have no clue when it comes to allowing space for others to back their trailers in to. I realize we don't own the marina or lake so I try to be courteous and not hog the launch ramp.

Once we were out on the lake, we could finally relax and enjoy the rest of our day.

When we got to Sandy Cove, a familiar face called to us. It was our friend, Mark, who moved to Los Angeles and decided he wanted to move back to Vegas so he can be closer to his friends (awe, we missed you too Mark). There were quite a few people parked along the sand that we knew.

My husband took Mark and another friend for a ride. They absolutely loved the speed and all came back with hair blown back like the Tekken video game character, Kazuya Mishima.

There was barely a breeze to cool off my sweat so I swam around to cool off from the hot sun.

We spent the afternoon catching up with our friends...

...until it was time to leave.

We were home in no time and relaxed the rest of the evening with Havi and Elgy. We watched a movie, Kingdom, which was good but not exactly a peaceful movie...LOL.

Photos from Lake Mead (August 24, 2008) Flickr album.

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