Saturday, August 23, 2008

I zip around

The first week at work with my scooter was great! I can get to where I need to be in so little time, instead of walking over ten minutes from building to building, and focus on doing one of my three jobs. Today I was wearing flip-flops but other days when I'm wearing 4-inch heels, this scooter was even more beneficial. The anxiety I felt to be on time at meetings across campus lessoned.

Several weeks ago, I never had to be in different buildings across our 350-acre campus in one day. There were no meetings I was required to attend; my day simply revolved around my desk and the restroom next door only leaving the building where I worked for the gym.

The demands on me to be in so many different places throughout my day got me into thinking about an efficient transportation method. Enter the electric scooter! Heads turned as I zipped by people walking on campus. Many gave me the thumbs up and one said, "Dude, that is cool!". My friend, Shaida, had to take a photo of me on it with her camera/phone.

This scooter has made my work day easier and I absolutely love it!! I think I have my co-workers hooked on getting one for their use...LOL.
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Anonymous said...

LMAO! You look like a little girl!!! lol. So happy. -Kashmir

Daly said...

I love riding that thing. It's so much fun. I bet I have a permagrin on my face when I'm