Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot weekend and no air conditioning

Thursday evening we came home to discover that our air conditioning unit has stopped cooling the house. Somehow we made it through the night. The next day, I stayed home from work to arrange for a diagnosis for repairs; turned out we needed to replace our condenser unit.

The girls made it very obvious they were warm by sprawling over the floor. The internal temperature was 87 degrees at the time; by the time we left the house it was 95 degrees! Highs for Thursday was 113 degrees with 36% humidity. Ugh (to the humidity)!

Fortunately, my husband's parents welcomed us (and our kitties, Havi and Elgy) into their home for the weekend until our air conditioning unit was fixed.

Saturday morning, my husband went to work so I spent my day with John, Maggie and our feline family. Bindy enjoyed snuggling in some air dried bedding while Yazzie preferred to stay in the master bedroom.

By the afternoon, Maggie and I went to lounge by the pool and read our books, jumping in the pool to cool off.

Later Saturday evening, we watched the Devil Wears Prada while Mother Nature displayed her show of lightning.

Havi and Elgy were much kept to a room for fear that a cat fight would ensue if they were allowed to mingle with John and Maggie's cats, Bindy and Yazzie. Maggie felt bad so they were freed to roam the house Saturday evening and it took them no time to get into trouble.

By Sunday morning, Elgy was in the fireplace and covered in soot. Her hair paws, belly and face were no longer flawlessly white. My husband gave her an early morning bath but that did little to clean up her stains.

Surprisingly all of the kitties got along really well. Initially there were a few hisses from Havi (even though that would be expected of the resident kitties). Soon they were dashing around the house being the curious cats that they are.

Out of anyone, Havi enjoyed herself the most. This was all new territory to explore for her and she was lovin' it!!

Elgy tried to get Bindy to play with her...

When it was time to go because our air conditioning unit was finally replaced on Sunday, our girls did not want to go (and I don't blame them). We enjoyed our stay with John and Maggie but it was time to settle back into our home.

Our air conditioning system breaking down was a bummer--especially since the replacement took three days. But our struggle to beat the heat in Vegas turned out to be quite the vacation for our cats, Havi and Elgy.

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