Friday, August 22, 2008

Hot in the City

When the air conditioning unit went out in our house and we were without cold air for several days. I thought that was bad enough--especially when we live in Las Vegas and the daily temperatures are around 104 degrees.

What could be worse is if the air conditioning compressor in our vehicles gave out (knock on wood). It would be absolutely awful to be driving around this desert city without air conditioning. A car can get really hot after sitting out in the sun all day (my tips: use a sun shade, tint the car windows, use caution when touching the steering wheel or seat belt buckle and get the a/c compressor checked to avoid driving around with the windows down like I've seen some people do; the air just feels like a blow dryer set on high in your face. I doubt they were trying to save gas by not using the air compressor. Research has shown that only saves a negligible amount of gas--not worth your discomfort.)

You may be able to get away without A/C if you drive elsewhere but in Vegas, air conditioning is a must but make sure to shop around for your auto ac parts. Discount AC has a complete line of ac compressors for all auto models including auto ac parts. Furthermore, all compressors come with a full warranty and free shipping. Don't take a chance on your BMW or Mercedes AC compressor breaking down or continue to drive without air conditioning in this heat, visit for your auto ac needs and stay cool!

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