Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreams of Flying

Every now and then, I'd dream that I could fly. Since I can remember way back into my childhood, I dreamt of having this superpower. I flew like Supergirl, unassisted and without wings. Sometimes I'd take flight to escape monsters or purely for enjoyment, flying from rooftops of buildings, over lakes and roads or just several feet above ground.

In some dreams my power was a secret and in others, like last night, I didn't mind displaying my talent to other people (which usually happens after I get caught in midair). But flying was not always something I could control; sometimes losing altitude and other times I was unable to leave the ground (or took flight with tremendous effort). What's ironic is I absolutely am fearful of flying in an airplane. I guess it's about control.)

So I thought I'd look into the interpretation of flying dreams (reading with a grain of salt of course). This is what I found on

Flying Free: Freely flying as high or as low as you wish using your arms or feet for direction, often with the ability to do acrobatics in the air is an indication that you feel really good about something in your life. You are likely very proud of an achievement at work or at home, and life is good.

Flying or Floating at Low Altitudes: Floating just above the ground by flapping your hands or arms or peddling your feet is an indication that you have lots of determination and that no matter how hard it gets, you feel you will succeed if you stay on course. This dream is an indication that relief from any setbacks is imminent.

Hmm...I can say that I can relate to the above interpretation but the message is pretty generic (much like horoscopes where the vagueness is left to your own interpretation). I heard that dreaming of flying is a common thing but my husband doesn't dream of flying (probably because he rarely gets a good enough night's sleep to dream). Do you dream of flying and do you find the above interpretation to be relevant?


Annejelynn said...

I was Wonder Woman in a former life - - I fly all the time in my dreams and most of the time, I'm soaring high above everything and swooping down fast here and there to rise back upwards, climbing fast

Daly said...

It is so least in my dreams. LOL.