Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping we go

This weekend we're camping at Great Basin National Park. The weather is beautiful in the high 70s. I'm excited to camp in a tent again; something I haven't done since I left Washington.


Dano said...

Camping is awesome - Daly, you will enjoy the fact that the food always tastes better when you are in the outdoors, even though the ingredients available are not as extensive as your kitchen at home.
I'm going camping this weekend also - will be the 4th time for me this year.

Daly said...

Dan, you are SO right about the food tasting better. That's what all of us kept saying night after night. Maggie is such a great cook too...maybe that had something to do with it ;)

That's awesome you get to go camping so often! Johnny and I enjoyed ourselves so much, we can't wait to do it again and more often. We have a trip planned in March/May but that's quite some time away.

Have fun this weekend!

johnny said...

What an awesome weekend! I can't wait to do it again. Great Basin is just too pretty.