Friday, August 22, 2008

Another School Year Around the Corner

I work at an academic institution and activities are ramping up as the fall semester starts Monday. Students are coming on campus with their parents in droves. Though my student days ended over a year ago, I can't help but get the back-to-school butterflies.

I remember when I started the first grade in the U.S. My sister and I attended a small school outside of the city so we had to take the bus from the city's school there. My sister and I didn't know this so, of course, we missed the school bus on our first day of class. Someone found us two lost and stranded FOBs (slang for Fresh Off the Boat) so we were taken to the Principal's Office. Neither of us knew a lick of English; not a single word so communicating with us was rather difficult for the admins. I remember them asking for our names, where we were suppose to be and the rest I was not able to understand. English sounded like Greek to me to I was not much help. Somehow they were able to figure out our destination and we were escorted to our school and classrooms.

I wish my first day to school was organized by something like DYMO Label Makers. Color labels on my forehead that read, "FOB. I don't speak English" or "Return me to 328 Gum Street" would have been really helpful along with labels on my lunch box so other kids wouldn't confuse mine with theirs. (By the way, DYMO has some very useful tips and advice on their website for the use of label makers). I don't know how I managed to make it through the first grade but I obviously did.

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