Friday, July 18, 2008

Where are my tunes?

Man I hate it when my iPod runs out of juice in the middle of my workout and I have no tunes. Then all I have left to listen are the noises of the gym or better yet, Sarah Mclachlan's, "Angel". It's not that I don't like Sarah, I just don't want to listen to a song that makes me want to sleep when I'm trying to work up a sweat.

I love my music; they're mostly house, trance, and dance. They're one of my biggest motivators for working out. Listening to the upbeat tracks flowing into my ears keep me in rhythm. I don't hear all the grunts, barbell clankings, news of tragedies blaring on t.v.'s and, for the moment, I forget the stress and pressures in my life. It's just me...and my music.

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Michelle said...

Hey I came across your blog, and I must say it's Excellent! First we like the same kind of Music and Plus I'm also trying to lose 10 Pounds! Anyway Good Luck!