Friday, July 11, 2008

The Varmint at Work

At my husband's place of work, food is never safe in the fridge. Anything consumable temporarily stored in the refrigerator of the employees' lounge is subject to being eaten in its entirety or half-way. That is the unspoken rule.

The culprit, however, has never touch my husband's lunch because it's usually bland/healthy stuff that wouldn't be worth ingesting or could be too much work to assemble and make a meal. This unacceptable behavior of disappearing food has always baffled my husband; he just doesn't understand how anyone would think it was "okay" to eat someone's lunch KNOWING it wasn't theirs. I asked if there was a shadow of a doubt that the food was confused for their own and my theory was blown out of the water. (I forget sometime but I ask my co-workers if the item was theirs before eating it.)

Perhaps the varmint thought it was funny to eat other people's lunches. But we don't think it's funny. It's stealing and I still have not a clue why a company would keep an employee who continually steals from other employees (this has been happening for the past year). It makes me wonder what other company inventory does this person think is "okay" to take? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are strapped for money and need the basics to live by eating other people's food (but then again if they were truly starving, they would eat my husband's salad or broccoli or grilled chicken too).

Today, my husband got me a Barbacoa Burrito from Chipotle. He knew it was my favorite thing to eat from that fast-food chain and e-mailed me so I wouldn't start dinner upon coming home from work.

When my husband came home, he was not a happy man. He said he had the burrito but when he went to retrieve it from the refrigerator at the end of the day, it was half eaten. The audacity of the varmint, leaving a half-eaten burrito behind. MY BURRITO. Folks, this was not a case of mistaken identity, mind you. My burrito was in his lunch bag so that person knowingly took it out of his lunch bag and ate it!

John did not take the issue lightly. He left a note in more words or less saying "whoever ate his wife's burrito needs to put the cash for its value on his desk and what is left of the burrito was theirs to finish" (in not so kind words because he was rightfully pissed). I completely understand why he's upset.

John is the nicest guy and will do anything he can for anyone if they would just ask. (The last time someone was rude to me, he gave them his two cents and the bride's parents felt so bad, they bought us drinks (another story I might share)). Hey, he loves me. I don't think he'd be as upset if it was his burrito but he was counting on bringing that burrito home for me so I wouldn't have to cook tonight. He felt so bad he almost went to buy a burrito but knows I would have wanted him to forget about it. We'll find something else for dinner.

It's my Friday. I had a hectic week and I'm freakin' out about flying to Seattle to see my mom as it is. Despite the stress, I wasn't upset when he told me about the burrito (me getting upset would make him more upset so I always try to keep an even keel for him); I simply put a marinated pork tenderloin in the broiler and we had cabbage slaw and spicy green beans with wine for dinner.

Now that I'm reflecting on today, I am a little upset. It's not about the money. It just kills my faith a little because someone would do that and, more important, upset my husband who only wanted to do a little something nice for me like he always does. And I simply cannot understand why that behavior is being tolerated at his workplace. What kind of person is it that I smile to at the company parties and that I genuinely greet and trust when I visit my husband's shop who is in actually deceptive. I don't know...I shake my head but it's the last thing I want to worry more about right now.

There are givers and there are takers. I forget that... At least I know we aren't the ones stealing taking from others.

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