Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Grilling

We packed our swim trunks and all of us went to John and Maggie's for a swim and dinner on Sunday. My husband, John, worked hard grilling pork ribs, shrimp skewers, asparagus and vegetables.

CIMG8444Align Center
I wandered around the garden checking out the plants and this young grapefruit.

CIMG8461 CIMG8459


CIMG8446 CIMG8445
The cook took a break for a photo with me.

We had a feast!
CIMG8469 CIMG8541
CIMG8545 CIMG8539

Bindy Sue observed the mom and pop quail with their baby; the last of a family of eight.
The babies kept falling into the pool and weren't able to swim out. In the photo below, the dad keeps an eye out from atop the wall while momma and baby are at the bottom eating blossoms from the wine.

Then we gathered in the living room for tea and crackers while Bindy Sue and Yazzie entertained us with their acrobatics.

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