Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Little Lake Time

John and I ran the boat on Lake Mead this late afternoon for a little bit. It's been weeks since we took it out and now that we have it back from being tuned and tweaked at the shop, we wanted to run it around. Open it up and burn some old fuel. Though it was breezy, the water was strangely glassy allowing us to hit three-digit speeds without even realizing it.

This time we launched at Hemenway Harbor because of the (forgive my French) idiots at the defunct Lake Mead launch ramp. Time after time, lines of cars snake from the water line waiting to launch their water vessels. There are plenty of spaces in the water for someone to back into but for some reason people keep waiting or, worse, they're getting their boat ready: loading coolers, tents, fixing the wake tower, loading kids and the baby pen (no kidding). Meanwhile everyone behind waits for them to launch and the person immediately behind doesn't have the nerve to ask them that--if they aren't ready to launch, can the next person take the available slip? So the people who are ready to go are waiting and waiting because no one wants to be rude and cut in line. But there's a limit to our patience.

This afternoon was like that--a clusterf*ck of people waiting to launch and we waited and waited and waited because of a holdup at the front of the line. The first people in line didn't have the decency to wave people forward; ahead of them--which I think is freakin' selfish because they must've been thinking know...they'll just get in the line to launch first and then get ready before their turn comes up to drop their boat.

You see, there exists such a thing as a READY LANE where people can pull over before the launch line to prepare their water crafts so when they get to the launch line, they are READY TO LAUNCH their boat or jet ski. As much as my husband and I are eager to get out on the water, we never want to inconvenience others by getting ready at the launch ramp. So we pull over, take off the straps, put in the plugs, turn on the battery and fuel lines, load our coolers and life jackets--in other words we do everything possible so we are ready to dump the boat in once we hit the water and get out of the way. Not to sound like snobs but if we were timed from the moment there's a spot available on the water and pull the truck with trailer out of the water, we would take less than two minutes tops. Still, there are others in the water messing with their straps, loading coolers and doh! forgot to put the baby on the boat. O.M.F.G.!! This is one of the times when my blood pressure rises and tonight, it was boiling. You know what? In Lake Havasu, the ramp we used is operated like a tight ship--we've never experienced this kind of circus.

If the ramp is a mess when we launch, it will be a bigger mess when we try to pull out of the water because by that time people are tired and if they're incompetent launching, they're worse when leaving the lake. We'll never launch there again though we've said this many times prior but I am SO done with that launch ramp at Lake Mead. I've spent all my patience card for inconsiderate assholes and it's not just incidents like this. We've seen others crash their boat into other boats in front AND behind them. People not dropping their drive and spewing water every where but yet can't figure out why their boat won't back up into the water ... and so forth.

We are usually really patient because we expect a level of chaos at that ramp but tonight pushed us beyond our threshold. It was so frustrating for me to watch but have no control. More frustrated than I was my husband at the guy behind us who said, "Hey--there's a line you know!". We tried to launch after it looked like nobody in front of us knew what they were doing. The guy didn't say, "Sir, I don't know if you know there's a line but we are also waiting." like we would've said when people unknowingly cut in front. And while my husband was on the verge of getting physical with the guy after verbal reasoning didn't work (it's been a long time since I've seen John so mad), people behind us were trying to launch because they lost their patience for waiting. Can I say it was a mess again?

As I pushed my husband back into our truck because I didn't want our night to go this way let alone waste our energy on an idiot, the same guy said, "Yeah listen to your wife..." and I almost, almost got into his face and said, "That's because he f*cking respects his wife unlike the looks of you." As much as I desired to back hand him like Andy Roddick, I wouldn't hit him because the same rule applies to both men and women: don't hit unless you want to get hit in return.

My husband is the most courteous man I know and is not a wuss (he may be smaller in size because of his weight loss but he's actually stronger than he has been). He would have defended his ground if that man stepped a foot closer. So that old bag lake lice was simply lucky I didn't allow the situation to escalate.

Besides that incident, our evening was as great as can be. Boat is running like a bullet and is doing well on the market. There are several buyers in line to take it off our hands so we can purchase a second home. With that income stream and yet another promotion for me, we can finally invest in a second property. You know that promotion I got over a month ago? I barely blinked before an offer of a lifetime fell on my lap. The opportunity to be part of an ERP team to develop the new student information system; the first of many modules. The project meetings start this coming Monday. Another path in the journey of my life so here we go again...the more we make, the more we spend...LOL!!!

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