Thursday, July 03, 2008

Please pray for my mom

My mom caught herself and the garage on fire this morning and was flown in to a hospital for burn victims in Seattle. I'm traveling so I'm not able to provide details except propane, hot oil, and in Grandma's words "she was on fire" and " child is gonna die". Please pray for her.


Anonymous said...

Oh Daly, I do hope your Mom is okay. I am thinking of you and your family.

Daly said...

Thank you so much Andrea for your thoughts. It's been a long, emotional day. We knew nothing for hours but I can finally say she is in stable condition. I'm comforted knowing she's in good care and my dad, brother and all my sisters are there with her. I'll post more updates soon and just hope that the next 48 hours of her recovery are the better hours.

I hope you and Bill have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Daly said...

Sorry, I meant Billy.

Anonymous said...

Daly John has my phone number let me know if I can help in anyway. I Am so sorry to hear about this your mother is in my thoughts. I am only 30min from seattle.

~ Drew

Anonymous said...

Prayers on the way. Hope everything goes well. Wish there was something we could do.
Brent and KJ

Daly said...

Drew, thank you so much for your thoughts and willingness to help. I'll keep your number on me when I'm in Seattle.

Brent and KJ, your prayers are deeply appreciated and I know they are helping.

I feel so bad for mom; that's she's in the hospital during a time when this should be a happy time. At least she's heavily medicated so she won't be in too much pain.