Friday, July 18, 2008

Pike Place Market

Monday morning, after my mom went into surgery for skin grafts, my dad and I walked through downtown Seattle to the Pike Place Market. The hospital where my mom is admitted overlooked Elliot Bay; just a few minutes from downtown so we were only a few blocks away from "The Soul of Seattle".
Though it was still early in the morning, the market was already crowded. Especially the fish market.

Don't ever get close to the monk fish, despite the invitation to do so.
We wandered through the market. There's a lot of stuff that interested my dad and as for me ... I'm rarely in the mood for shopping--LOL!! Having lunch with a local amber ale is more along my taste.
In the Pike Place Market, we stopped by Lowell's Restaurant and Bar for lunch. We shared the grilled seafood (salmon, crab cakes and shrimp) and seafood combo (shrimp, cod?, and calamari).

Today is my dad's birthday so since I couldn't be with him, I wanted to treat him to something he seldom gets to enjoy. Seafood and a little break between the rough road he's on.

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