Saturday, July 26, 2008

Never Walk These Halls

We are moving our offices to a new building today. Some of my co-workers have reported to this building, Frazier Hall, for over two decades. It's the only building they've ever work in. After today, they'll never walk through this hall again and neither will I.

Constructed over 50 years ago, this old building was the first of our institution and so that makes it the oldest on campus (50 years is considered old in a town that is constantly constructing new buildings). Though this building has a lot of history, it will eventually be torn down (which is a controversial issue for many people). There's a great article in the Las Vegas Sun covering the building's history, its last days and plans for the space on which it stands after it is torn down.

All I have to say (and this is my personal opinion and feelings though others may disagree) is that those who want to save it, have never worked a day in this (with all due respect) moldy, bug infested, patchwork, creaky, dark and dingy one story "shoe box" of a building. In the article mentioned above, there's a line that says the building speaks. It says, “Come in, do your business, and get the hell out.” While waiting in line for student services, people have complained about the smells coming from the bathrooms nearby.

Frazier Hall has been financially cumbersome to maintain and too costly to renovate--especially during a time when the state has a budget deficit. If the building was in good shape as it stands, it might be worth preserving. After all, this building was once the epicenter of all services (library, labs, classes and administrative offices) but Frazier Hall has had better times in its glory days. Unfortunately those days are history. A history I'd rather enjoy through photos and the memories I have--good and bad.

Come Monday, we will be in a new building that is much more inviting and student friendly (staff friendly too) and that is a good thing. A building that will better serve all those who step foot in it.

Frazier Hall in the Past
The building that began UNLV was undoubtedly beautiful back in the days with a story and history to match.

Present Day Frazier Hall
Now the only beautiful thing about Frazier are the shrubs and trees (some planted in memory of those who worked in the building and have since passed on) surrounding it. I don't think Frazier Hall is as beautiful now as it was then and I say this not to insult its spirit. The structure is, in my personal opinion, not salvageable.


Rose DesRochers said...

Couldn't they remodel it?

Daly said... would cost too much because the building is already in bad shape. It's held together by putty, I swear! The air conditioning system breaks down every few months. Can you imagine that in Vegas? Everything would have to be replaced so it would be cheaper to tear down to make a park that would serve as the university entrance.

Someone did suggest that maybe the community will collect enough money for the remodel but I highly doubt that will happen.

The university recently awarded a contract for the winning bid for demolition so the building will be torn down after the fall semester ends.

It will be sad to see the building go because of its history but the actual structure has no monetary value. It is nothing to look at now so I'm grateful for the photo archives. I'm going to post one of the building years and years ago in a minute.