Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home with our kitties

I brought this chair home from my office and the girls seem to love it. They lounge on it, take naps in it and like to "mark it" with their scent as Havi is demonstrating.
Tonight was Elgy's turn to sit in the chair. She absolutely loves it and I most definitely love her. She's so darn cute, I had to take photos with her and she gave me a kiss (either that or smelling my sweatiness; I haven't changed since coming home from working out at the gym).
Havi looks on and I took some photos of her. In this one, she was in attack mode. Her target was Elgy of course...LOL.
Then I went to see what my husband was doing. I can usually find him working nonstop in the kitchen washing the dishes from dinner but he took a moment for a photo with me. This is our typical night, just us and our girls.
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