Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goal Reached but Running on Empty

I have reached my weight loss goal and have been hovering around it for a couple weeks now, fluctuation 1 or 2 pounds--yay!! This week has been especially hectic for me with added job responsibilities due to transitions in my department. I am completely out of my element and in two new office locations so my eating habits have fallen off the train tracks (or shall I say, lack of eating habits).

Every day this week up until today, I've had barely anything to eat. I can always count on my morning protein shakes and coffee but the rest of the day has been nearly nothing. Kashi chews, grapes and cheese one day until dinner. Yesterday I had a Kashi chew and diet Pepsi. 370 calories for might be fine for someone who may be anorexic, it certainly is not sufficient for me--I've got my bums to feed!!

Running around from building to building in this Vegas heat and, somehow, I still managed to get my workout in during lunch. But this hectic schedule drains me by the end of the day; I'm just pooped and I can feel it. All because I didn't properly feed my body. When I've been running on empty, I realize more than ever how important it is to have small meals throughout the day.

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