Saturday, July 26, 2008

Funny Cubicle Business

My department is moving to a new building over this weekend but I'm not moving there entirely. The office for the position to which I was recently promoted is in the new building but the project I am joining full-time on Monday will be operating from a different building and I will work from a cubicle rather than an office. I don't mind, especially knowing the new appointment comes with a small pay increase. I honestly could care less whether I'm in an office or cubicle (everyone on the project will be in cubicles as well) as long as there's plenty of natural light (there are floor to ceiling windows surrounding the cubicles).

A few days ago, when I went to check out my new home for the first time, I took over just one item: a cubicle hanging file organizer and hung it on the outside of the panel (where others could leave files for me without entering my space). Most of the work spaces, including mine, were empty besides the desk, chair and shelving system since they were just recently set up.

When I started moving the rest of my stuff over yesterday, I noticed my hanging file organizer was gone. WTH? was my initial reaction. I thought maybe it was thrown away or not allowed because it didn't conform with the structured look of the cubicles or maybe because it was somewhat dusty. Then I spotted it hanging off another cubicle not far from mine. My organizer and I could tell that it was mine because it was the same dusty thing.

I wanted to take it back and hang it over my cubicle where it had been. Perhaps the person who took it thought no one was using it since my cubicle had been bare. This time they won't be mistaken because by then I had everything set up in my area. The person will get the hint when the tray is back on my cubicle right? Besides, how could they take something from another cubicle that was not theirs? I didn't take the tray back because that would certainly cause some awkwardness when that person finds out that I knew they took my tray. I don't want to start off a relationship on the wrong foot with someone I've never met; especially someone I may have to work closely with. I decided I want a shot at being cubie-friends and not enemies.

Then I thought to send an e-mail to our group with a message like, "Does anyone have information on the whereabouts of a file organizer tray that was hanging outside of cubicle number _ _? It could have been mistaken for trash but I am actually using it." They may get the gentle hint and return it. After all, I don't think they meant to steal it and were only mistaken as to whether the tray was actually being used by somebody or not.

Finally I decided to just forget it and leave it be. Pick my battles and that's certainly not one I would choose. If the person took it, they must need it more than I do. It would be nice to have one but I don't need it that bad. (Why not order another one? First, I really try to keep my office accessories simply and second, our project is on a budget and I don't like to spend others' money needlessly).

I think when I finally meet this person, I'll say something like I'm glad you like my hanging file organizer and let them know they can certainly keep it...LOL.

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