Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun at Bare Pool

Saturday we met up with friends Wes and Jewels at Mirage's Bare Pool.

You should expect to pay $100 per chair unless you plan to run the food and drinks tab to the same value which was what we decided to do. Why pay for a chair when I can't eat or drink it?

CIMG0378 CIMG0374
A couple margarita pitchers, lobster tacos, Bloody Mary's and beers later we were having too much fun in the pool. (Sorry I didn't take photos of the lobster tacos...they were too small to see. I think I would've been more satiated eating the cash instead--LOL.)

While most people prefer to wear board shorts or bikinis (with or without tops), this was the first sling shot I've seen worn at a pool. The fellow is quite ballsy (no pun intended) because that's something I could never do.
CIMG0440 CIMG0442
Jewels and I have the same bikini pattern in different colors except her bottom is the classic triangle back and mine is the tiny bottom strings.
We spent several hours there cooling off in the pool and taking photos with other guests.

CIMG0427 CIMG0448
It was a beautiful day in Vegas; not too hot and we were in great company.


We left closing a bar tab equal to my car payment but the photos I have of the guy sporting the neon green sling shot--that was just priceless.


johnny said...

Babe, 200.00 a chair on the weekends!!!! What a fun time though huh?

Daly said...

$200 per chair!! Well then we made out, didn't we? ;)

Rose DesRochers said...

To each their own.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never noticed how old this gallery is. This is my favorite Malibu Strings gallery. The three of you have great asses, especially when its glistening from the water, its like a shot from paradise. It's been great masturbation material.