Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food menu at a hospital?

Though my mom is back in ICU, she is in good hands and recovering at one of the best facilities in the area. I finally got to see her in person after flying into Seattle. Both of her legs and left arm are wrapped up; there are minor burns on her right arm and face which are healing. My dad has been by her side each day and night, leaving only to shower, eat or runs errands for her. He and I later left to go grocery shopping for vegetables and fruit we could boil and puree for her to drink even though the hospital food was perfectly okay.

Actually, I thought it was more than okay, I would have gobbled it down had I not had dim sum prior to my visit. Never before had I laid my eyes on a food menu for patients admitted to a hospital. My mom had her choice of items for breakfast, lunch and dinner--with dessert!! But she couldn't eat much of it. Of the salad, meatloaf, mash potatoes and gravy, soup and chocolate cake, she could only drink the soup because the texture of the other foods hurt her raw, swollen throat. My dad finished what she couldn't eat (I think he needs to eat more than any of us so he can put some meat on his small frame ... LOL).

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domingo Garcia said...

ummmm, yummy!

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