Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family to visit Vegas

My sister and her husband are flying in from MN tonight to visit for the weekend. I haven't seen them since January of last year--no, my commencement later that May so my husband and I are looking forward to their visit. This time the weather is warmer so we're looking forward to some pool and grilling time. I think it's great that we can have family time together and not feel guilty about not being with our mom in Seattle. This trip was booked prior to her accident so we're going to make the best of our time together. (My parents, grandma and uncle who are visiting from Laos had also planned a trip to visit Vegas in July...but that didn't quite pan out.)

Tomorrow is Friday so I'm looking forward to a relaxing, fun weekend. Work has been crazy this week. There will be changes in our office location as we move our entire cluster of departments next week into new buildings clear across campus and organizational changes that will possibly involve me...but for the better. I am a really flexible person and, usually, whatever goes for me but sometimes the uncertainty of things tend to get to me. Because of this, I'm grateful for a supportive husband and family, kitties who cozy up with me, my blog and pedicures.

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