Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do Not GottaHavaDrink

I love margaritas (good 'ol fashioned on the rocks with salt) and I love red wine, merlot, cabernet or shiraz BUT the two together can produce some serious regurgitation at the foot of the porcelain goddess (I don't mean mix the two drinks together--ew, that's gross! Actually white wine may not be so bad. Anyway, I mean don't drink one after the other.

Two glasses of margarita + one glass of merlot = DISASTER that had me spewing until I dry-heaved for three hours into the night this past Sunday. The sad thing was I didn't drink very much so the throwup party was hardly worth it. At least I didn't drink as much as I did the day before when I spent all afternoon drinking at the Bare Pool and then drank some more at Margaritaville for dinner and I was NO WHERE near nauseous. Well...I did have Tsingtao with my lunch at Pho Kim Long so perhaps it was the accumulation of alcohol in my system that did it.


I tell ya...after last Sunday I was ready to quit drinking any alcoholic beverage (don't we always say that after having gnarly drunk episodes and hangover? But then we drink again the very next day or a few days after a dry spell). Seriously, I have NEVER been as sick as I was the other night and SWORE while halfway sleeping in the toilet I would quit drinking FOREVER. But if I did that then, would be the end of this blog...LOL!!

Then I thought, thinking back to the last time I hurled and spewed was years ago, and I did the same thing...a few margaritas and then wine with dinner and WHAM!! I was down for the count. So it's not because I drank too much. It's because I mixed margaritas and wine.

Lesson learned. No mixing. So margaritas + wine = and I DO NOT GottaHavaDrink of the that mix.


Chante said...

Hey, don't forget to mention the drinking w/ Tabasco sauce @ Tomto Street in Spokane and later driving like you got chased by demons. The ordeal ended w/ a tackle on our lawn by your brother-in-law. Remember that? Looking back it was quite a hilarious scene!


Daly said...

Unfortunately I do remember that night all too well. I was just thinking about that event earlier this someone would pay to have be drink that horrible shot with Tabasco, LOL!!