Monday, July 07, 2008

Dinner at Japonais

Wednesday, July 2nd was the big day when Malibu Strings hits Las Vegas. People were flying and driving in for a bikini party Bare Pool and the Beatles Revolution Lounge inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino. When things were said and done, I'd have to say that the events went really well despite having just two weeks to organize.

By Wednesday afternoon, the Malibu Strings group were soaking in the Bare Pool Lounge. We had a couple daybeds and ice-cold pitcher service while we lounged by the pool. Because this is a European-style pool, photos are not allowed but someone unknowingly took a couple shots (not of anyone topless or anything).

Soon it was time to get ready for dinner so we gathered at Japonais Restaurant & Lounge. Endless appetizers and entrées made their way around the table.

CIMG9224 CIMG9226
The Sweet Shrimp and Diver Scallop was one of my favorites.
Our friends, Steve and Denise, took a detour from their Lake Havasu trip to Las Vegas to join us.
The man and woman who made everything possible.
Then it was time to get dressed for the blowout party at the Beatles Revolution's going to be a lot of fun!

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