Monday, July 28, 2008

Antipasto Dinner and Ratatouille

We invited mom and dad, John and Maggie, over for dinner and a movie. When I'm out of ideas for creating a half decent meal (either that or I'm just being lazy), antipasto as a meal is always a great idea and we decided to watch the computer animated movie, Ratatouille. It's a story about a rat who wants to become a chef and my husband and I love it--tonight will be the third or fourth time that we've watched it.

The ingredients for dinner came off the shelves of Trader Joe's. I think we were hungry when we went shopping because we grabbed a little bit of everything. A variety of cheeses, meats, grapes, mix of olives, hearts of palm, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, a few bottles of wine and a baguette. The dishmate liquid was a necessity and not served for dinner...LOL.
My husband tackled the first course, Caprese Salad. He prepared it all by himself and I think he did a fantastic job; I'm proud of him. If you're bored of a traditional salad of mixed veggies, try this salad. It's very easy to do by alternating slices of soft mozzarella and tomatoes, throw in fresh basil leaves (my husband slices them so they're easier to eat), dribble with olive oil and vinaigrette, sprinkle crushed black pepper and some salt and serve.
Then the main course came along.

We sat right in front of the t.v. so we could watch the movie while we nibbled.
My plate...but I had to sample just a little bit of everything.
We opened a couple bottles of wine and enjoyed the cheeses and bread over conversations.
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TomboCheck said...

Now that looks like a great plate! Is the dip in the center of your plate just olive oil and balsamic?

Tasty Tasty!

Daly said...

Yep! So simple but yet so good with a warm, fresh baguette to dip in.