Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July in Hermosa Beach

I received some unfortunate news about my mom Thursday morning so my husband and I anxiously waited for updates which could mean we'd either spend our holiday in Seattle or in Hermosa Beach as planned. When we finally heard that my mom will be okay and all our family was there with her; it was decided that having my husband and I present in all the chaos would not add to anything. So we drove towards California by Thursday afternoon.

It was a quiet drive for the most part as we talked about my mom. Four hours later, we had finally reached our destination in Hermosa Beach. My husband and I took a late night walk for some much needed night cap to end our long, stressful day. Things will be better tomorrow...
Wyder's Cider
The next morning, we rode our bikes to Eat At Joe's Diner in Redondo Beach for breakfast.
Coffee and Bloody Mary John waiting for breakfast
When my husband lived in the area, he and his friends were regulars here. The cafeteria-style eating diner is always packed but we didn't have to wait long for seats.
Daly waiting for breakfast Joe's Menu
Guess who had what for breakfast?
Healthy burrito Seafood burrito
The healthy chicken burrito with fruit was my husband's and the seafood burrito with all the fixin's was mine...LOL!! You see, that's how he keeps his girlish figure .

We rode down the street to visit his old apartment. He was surprised it was still standing (with a fresh coat of paint) since it had a termite problem.
Old apartment
This is us now ... and us six years ago in front of his old apartment.
Today Six Years Ago
Then we rode our bikes back towards Hermosa Beach and got ready for a day on the beach.
Redondo Beach King Harbor Hotel room
So many people were already there playing volleyball, sunbathing or walking along the Strand.
Daly and John on beach
We found a great spot on the sand to settle down and enjoy the sun. The weather is always mild in Hermosa; giving us a break from the harsh heat of the desert sun.
CIMG9496 CIMG9501
After a few hours, it was time to pack up our stuff and head down the Strand again. We didn't get very far when John recognized the owner of a familiar house nearby. A couple wrist bands later, we soon found ourselves at a private party inside.
CIMG9509 Dancing at Private Party
The house was packed on the first floor. People waited at the bottom of the stairs to get to the second and third level of the house where the pools were.
CIMG9519 CIMG9521
CIMG9529 CIMG9530
I was not going to wait in the crowd only to be crowded upstairs so we filled up on beer and stepped outside for some breathing space.
The Strand Crowded Strand
The security let me have my own hangout spot to seek shelter from the crowd. This desert rat is now use to the wide open spaces of Nevada and can never get use to the congestion of these beach cities again. I wondered how I dealt with it when I lived here.
CIMG9554 CIMG9565
Who said "Do not to disturb the occupants"?


We were having too much fun and met many nice people.
IMG_0374 IMG_0379
Group of girls
IMG_0382 IMG_0383
But it was time to get ready for dinner so we went to our room and cleaned up. Soon we were on our bikes again, peddling through the warm early evening towards the Redondo Pier.

I must thank my brilliant husband for insisting that we bring our bikes. I didn't want the burden of locking them up all the time but I can't imagine being in a car in the traffic that filled the city. It was so much easier getting around on our bicycles and so far, we've used them to get around everywhere.
Redondo Pier View of Redondo Pier
There were also people EVERYWHERE...camping out on the grass, sitting on the walkways along the shops, and crowding the pier; each saving a spot to view the fireworks show. (Click on the photo of the pier for a larger view.)

We grabbed a table at Old Tony's overlooking the pier. This is the original Tony's with fishnets and dried starfish hanging from the ceiling. They opened the patio doors by each table to let in some ocean air while we dined.
CIMG9578 Mai-Tai and Martini
John had a Mai Tai in a souvenir glass while I sipped on the popular pomegranate martini. He ordered the fried seafood dinner and I ordered the grilled seafood dinner (mahi-mahi, salmon, shrimp, and sea scallops). Dinner came with soup or salad (the salmon chowder was delicious) and a side.

We could've sat through dinner watching fireworks but getting on our bikes and riding back through the pier and parking lot sounded much more fun. Besides, I really wanted to see Naja's Place on the boardwalk where you can get 77 beers on tap.
CIMG9582 CIMG9581
Then we escaped from the crowds and rode our bikes back through the silent streets to the Hermosa Pier. We wanted to check on the construction progress of a landmark, Aloha Sharkeez , where we met six years ago on this great holiday. The establishment looked almost complete but we had mixed feelings about the "classier" three-level look. We much preferred the baja-style, one level dive with sawdust on the floor.

Sharkeez wasn't open yet so we went next door to Patrick Malloy's for an after dinner drink. (With my husband, there's never a wait to get into bars.)
CIMG9588 Patrick Malloys

We had a good 4th of July celebration.

Photo credit: Greg Rice Photography, John and Daly.
4th of July in Hermosa Beach album on Flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Great Stuff! or should I say "Good Stuff" lol...

Love that Area... Lived there for three years... 92 18th Street in Hermosa and for a couple years before that in Redondo.

Lots in common, similar stuff we like to do!!

See you guys on the lake!