Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July dinner with John and Maggie

We had a wonderful time with aunt Jan, Grandma and Cloe (who we honestly think was sad to see us go). I had never been to Balboa Island so that was fun experience. We saw so many things and went to several places on our bicycles alone, riding in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Newport Beach. It was a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Now it was time to go home. Back to Las Vegas to spend Sunday evening with my husband's parents who invited us to their home for dinner in Boulder City for dinner.

CIMG0017 CIMG0019

The powder room was repainted. and we loved the cool colors and old beach city style. Then my husband

CIMG0023 CIMG0022

Then I spilled wine on myself having too much fun so Maggie lent me a shirt.

CIMG0026 CIMG0028

Dinner was delicious as usual: salad, warm bread and the best spaghetti I've had.

CIMG0030 CIMG0031
Then we cozied up in the living room with some tea. I think we watched a movie but I always seem to fall asleep through the movie...LOL!!.
CIMG0044 CIMG0047
It was good to spend time with our family and now our weekend is complete.

Photos from the Dinner with John and Maggie album on Flickr.

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