Sunday, June 01, 2008

Water Sliding at Lake Mead

Sunday afternoon at Lake Mead on the first day of June was not an ordinary day. There was live entertainment at little Sandy Cove--a water slide show! You can see it towards the right half of this photo (click on the photo for a larger image) coming down the hill.
The morning started out pretty breezy; my husband and I almost decided against going on the lake but it wouldn't be Sunday if were weren't out there! I finally took a panoramic view of Sandy Cove.

It was nice to see familiar faces waving at us to park next to them on Sandy Beach.
Daly and Johnny
I wore my Gold Glitter suit by Malibu Strings, a sheer mesh with sewn-in little sequins.
CIMG5372 CIMG5369
We recently put orange stripes on the boat so I'd like to have a matching bikini like this Neon Orange Hologram but with gray piping. Wouldn't that be so cute?!

After a while, we walked over to the water slide for our afternoon entertainment. The people who build this must have gone through quite a bit of work to dig a trench that was at least 50 feet long, lay down a blanket, and sheet of plastic of the same length and erect a ramp (it looked pre-built and I wondered how they barged that the cove). There was also a pump to siphon the water from the lake to the top of the slide.

People went down the slide on boogie boards or on their naked bellies all afternoon as we watched flips and barrel rolls. Others didn't have enough momentum to launch off the ramp but they still jumped off the end...LOL!! Watch this video:

There are more videos on my YouTube account.

I shot the jumps on my camera in burst mode so I can catch split second action. These are some of my favorites:

I have more split-second shot sequences on my Flickr account, "Water Slide at Lake Mead".
When the evening was over, we went home and grilled some buffalo burgers! YUM.
Buffalo Burger

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