Friday, June 13, 2008

Skinny Bitch I'm Not

If you think I'm skinny then I must be a bitch but skinny I'm not, however, the bitch part still holds true--especially when I feel my niceness and generosity is being taken advantage of. It's a rare side of me but when it rears its ugly head--it's nasty.

Speaking of bitch and bitchiness, there's a set of books out there called Skinny Bitch. You may be thinking, oh no--not another book on dieting (this is a blog about health and fitness, you know). I'm careful about buying diet books but when I do, they always offer a fresh or different perspective. Skinny Bitch is not a typical book about dieting. It's been said that to book is, "Not your typical boring diet book, this is a tart-tongued, no-holds-barred wakeup call to all women who want to be thin."

Even better, you don't even have to buy the book. Corrin is giving the set away for free as part of a contest. Check out her CONTEST: Are you a Skinny Bitch? post for details.

I don't know about you but when it comes to health and fitness, I need all the help I can get. I'm been working since the start of the year to achieve my best body. I'm more half way there in my weight goal of losing 10 pounds but still have about 4 more pounds to go. At this point, I'm looking to change up my diet and routine and I think this book may just be the extra boost I need.

Besides losing fat, my other health goals are to decrease my salt intake and the booze--my biggest downfall. I'm also aiming to take my fitness to a new level!

So pick up your copy and read along with me or better yet, enter the contest for your chance to win. But you only have until tonight at midnight so HURRY!!

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