Friday, June 06, 2008

Six, Six, Sex and the City

Friday evening, we left the men and children at home for the girls' night out. I met my friends at the Green Valley Ranch Resort where we had appetizers and cocktails at Hank's Fine Steaks & Martinis located within. The Crispy Rock Shrimp Tempura, Carpaccio of Beef, and Hash Browns were delicious (and they weren't just any old hash browns either) and just the thing to fill our tummies before we sat down for a movie, Sex and the City.

CIMG8379_dirty_martini DSCN0003_shopping
After cocktails and appetizers, Rita parted ways with her goods in hand (she had already seen the movie a week prior). Like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, Cinzia, Shannan, Theresa, and I made our way into the theater--but not before grabbing some junk food first. I could not believe the enormous size of the "large" popcorn; it was enough to stuff our faces through Sunday...LOL!!
The movie was altogether heartbreaking, exciting, and hilarious!! We laughed and cried our way through the 2+ hours that we were there, eyes glued to the big screen. I can't say that I ever watched an entire show of Sex and the City on HBO but enjoyed the feature film nonetheless.
CIMG8383_cocktails CIMG8385_wine_case
Afterwards, we tried to grab drinks at the Drop Bar but decided that Hank's was better suited for married women not looking for drooling, baseball cap on cock-eyed half-men to hit on us. We sampled other martinis; I was pretty boring with my choice of a cosmo...LOL.

Theresa left for home while Cinzia, Shannan and I went to the Beach nightclub to dance. Cinzia scored us a bottle of champagne and plush seats so we could seek comfort from our heels.
Of course there's one thing we have to do after a night of drinking and dancing and that is eat some greasy food to soak up what we drank. Shannan was the designated driver and here she is forcing offering fries.
I got home a later than I had communicated to my husband so I was SO BUSTED when I finally came home!! He can't sleep as long as I'm not in bed and was worried sick (understandably so since there are a lot of drunks driving around at the wee hours in Sin City). It could be a long time before I'm out so late again but Six, Six (06/06/08) Sex and the City was still a fun night I'll never forget!


Anonymous said...

I hope I was not too much of a pain... Way too many cocktails and not enough food... I am BUSTED andnot allowed to a ladies' night out for a while!!! :)

Daly said...

You were not a pain at all, Cinzia. I did the same, too much drinking and not enough eating. I would have been fine otherwise.

I'm in the same boat with you...I think I'm GROUNDED for a very long time...LOL!!